The PHAS DGA is a student organization that represents the students of the Department of Physics and Astronomy to the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Co-Chairs: Omid Khajehdehi, Kailyn Stenhouse
Vice President, Finance: CJ Osakwe
Graduate Representative Council: Pooja Woosaree, Mahsa Faryadras, Kailyn Stenhouse
Vice President, Communication : Becky Booth
Vice President, Internal : Daniel Cecchi
Med Phys Representative: Thomas Mann
Members at Large: Pamela Freeman, Davor Curic, Elijah Adams

Your DGA represents graduate students at meetings for the PHAS Department as well as the Faculty of Graduate Studies. We also organize social and academic events throughout the year such as the Annual PHAS Graduate Symposium, PHAS graduate assistant workshop, monthly coffee breaks, outdoor activities and more!

If you are interested in joining the PHAS DGA, please contact our Co-Chairs at the addresses listed below.

You can find out about the previous members of the PHAS DGA in this link! 

We encourage all students to approach us with any concerns or issues regarding graduate student life. We also welcome all student involvement in DGA activities. Please feel free to contact any of the committee members if you would like more information.