Executive Roles

The DGA has many executive roles available. It is possible that not all roles will be filled in a particular year; however, in order to be a functioning DGA we must have at least one chair, one VP Finance, and exactly three GRC reps. The remaining positions are flexible and may remain vacant. A summary of each position is listed here:

DGA Chair or co-chairs (one person or shared between two):

The Chair(s) is responsible for management of the DGA, including leading meetings. In the event of mutual agreement among two candidates, the role of Chair may be divided between two Co-Chairs, each with equal powers, responsibilities, and voting rights in governance issues.

VP Finance (one person or shared between two):

The VP Finance oversees the financial operations of the Association, including budgeting, record-keeping, and financial reporting to the Executive. They prepare and manage the annual budget, review expenses and financial statements monthly, ensure proper expenditure of funds, oversee investments, coordinate audits, and manage funding from the Graduate Student Association, with signing authority over the Association account.

VP Communication/Communications Team (one person or shared with a team)

The VP Communication (or communications team) manages internal communication within the Association and promotes events externally, overseeing email and social media accounts, and updating the PHAS DGA website with event and program information.

VP Internal (one person)

The VP Internal is the Association’s representative at the Department’s meeting. The VP Internal shall attend all relevant meetings and committees that pertain to graduate students in the Department.

VP Events/Events Committee Team (one person or shared with a team of people)

The VP Events (or events committee) coordinates social events for the Association, plans a termly social calendar, and collaborates with the VP Finance on budgeting and the VP Communication on promotion.

VP Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (one person)

The VP EDI serves as the Association’s representative on the Department’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) committee, attending relevant meetings and providing updates to the Association on efforts to engage with graduate students regarding EDI issues. They also oversee EDI considerations for all Association events, with Active Members evaluating events and the VP EDI acting as the point person for these evaluations.

VP Academic (one person)

The VP Academic serves as the Association’s liaison for academic matters, advocating for members facing issues with course instructors and providing updates on efforts to engage with graduate students regarding their academic needs.

GRC Representatives (three required)

GRC Representatives represent PHAS DGA at all GRC meetings, disseminate information to the Executive and members promptly, and act as the primary contact for PHAS DGA members regarding issues concerning the GSA’s service to University of Calgary graduate students.

Physics Subfield Student Representative(s)

The Physics Subfield Student Representative(s) shall communicate DGA proceedings to their respective cohort (e.g., Medical Physics, Quantum, Astrophysics, etc.) of the PHAS department. The same representative will communicate any concerns on behalf of the students in their subfield to the DGA.